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Incident Management

ServIT provides ITIL-compatible incident management to minimize business impact through efficient incident recording and processing, an integrated CMDB for incident analysis, and intelligent automation for rapid recovery.

  • Flexible mapping of Incident-Management workflows, service processes and structures
  • ITIL compliant roles and group-based structure of specific groups for example 1st -, 2nd – or 3rd Level Support
  • Cross-process access to each configuration items (CI) current configuration with the Configuration Management Data Base (CMDB)
  • Link incidents with CIs, services, FAQ articles or other incident and problem tickets
  • Split incidents for parallel task management
  • Automatic incident logging as a ticket from inbound emails and by leveraging the customer self service portal

Problem Management

The ServIT is a sophisticated tool for enterprise-grade IT problem management. It’s tightly integrated with the CMDB/CMS, providing cross-process and up-to-date information on interdependencies between IT services, IT infrastructure, configuration items and customers. This simplifies problem identification and analysis, enables rapid recovery and facilitates knowledge sharing to prevent problem recurrence.

  • Automatic, event-based notifications of involved individuals and groups
  • Tracking of problem records using the individual watch list
  • Quick and intuitive logging and prioritization of problem records
  • Process-spanning access to existing resolution know-how, known-errors and workarounds (Knowledge Database)
  • Meaningful problem management reporting on current problem records and overall problem management performance

Request Fulfillment (Optional Module)

SERVIT supports ITIL-compatible request fulfillment processes, allowing service agents to quickly answer service requests. They can retrieve information on service availability and execute pre-approved and low-risk standard changes. The ServIT integrates request fulfillment capabilities with the self service portal, service level management and change management. It also provides a real-time perspective on the configuration status of an IT infrastructure.

  • Response templates for efficient management of recurring requests
  • Creation of incident tickets or change requests linked to the initial service request
  • Automatic and manual routing service requests through the service organization, e.g. to get the incident, change management or external service providers involved
  • Automatic follow-up mechanism for existing service requests
  • WYSIWYG editor

Change Management

Making IT infrastructure changes to accommodate business needs happens frequently. A resilient, standardized change management system is key to ensuring critical business processes survive IT changes. ServIT offers a full-fledged, ITIL-compatible system for enterprise-wide change management and execution.

  • Tracking and monitoring of current and historic changes and work orders
  • Mapping Change Advisory Boards (CAB)
  • Graphical overview of changes and related work orders
  • Provisioning of change templates and guidelines for processing
  • Management of status, conditions and logical relations between changes, work orders, tickets, services, configuration items and knowledge base articles
  • Supporting parallel work order processing

Service Asset & Configuration Management

ServIT provides an ITIL-compatible Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and Configuration Management System (CMS) to allow IT administrators to define, modify and manage hardware, software and other essential IT components.

  • Mapping hierarchical CI structures
  • Comprehensive CI lifecycle management
  • Creation of variable CI classes, e.g. Computer, Hardware, Software, Networks etc.
  • Creation of dependencies between CIs and other CI’s, Services, SLAs, Users etc.
  • Real-time CI monitoring to evaluate the status of changes and request for changes

Knowledge Management

Leverage ServIT Knowledge Management tools to record, search and maintain employee knowledge, reduce agent response times and improve service quality.

  • Direct access to the knowledge base out of the dashboard, menus or ticket overviews
  • Leveraging existing resolutions while ticket recording
  • Knowledge base integration to the self service customer portal
  • Integrated knowledge base with mapping of hierarchical structured resolutions
  • Editing existing records for optimizations
  • Rating of articles to improve quality
  • Indexed full text search and transparent Knowledge Base Explorer